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I know it’s not the usual type of thing I post but I can’t resist. My favorite part of any pharmaceutical ad is when they list the warnings, often in a different voice and said very quickly. It’s always amazing to hear the things one might risk experiencing when taking something. There are probably even websites out there that keep track of them. But Belsomra has ruined that for me, because I can’t imagine there ever being a better ad- if you want to laugh. Belsomra is a medication for people that can’t get to sleep. You can watch their ad (which is very well done) at

It’s so funny I typed it up so I could share it with you (just the warnings).

Do not take Belsomra if you have narcolepsy. When taking Belsomra don’t drive or operate heavy machinery until you feel fully awake. Walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported.

Wow. Driving?

Belsomra should not be taken together with alcohol.

Well yeah- you might get a DUI and not remember.

Abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, confusion, agitation, or hallucinations.

Getting even better- there might be something you experience that you don’t want to remember.

The temporary inability to move while falling asleep or waking up, and temporary leg weakness, have also been reported.

Wait, this makes total sense. I tell my kids to just hold still on their beds to fall asleep. This drug just enforces that.

In depressed patients, worsening depression, including risk of suicide may occur.


Alcohol may increase these risks.

So really– don’t drink.

Side affects include next day drowsiness.

The sleep just keeps coming.