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I was just listening in the car to Sean Hannity talking to an idiot in LA about this guy wanting Rumsfeld out but was going to vote for Kerry. Apparently, Kerry has admitted to committing the same atrocities as everyone else in Vietnam. This guy’s reasoning for this was that Kerry said he was lost in Vietnam and that’s when all this happened. Sorry Charlie (no pun intended), but it’s the same situation. The only way that Kerry morally is clear is if he was under orders to do whatever he did. The fact that they were lost says that what they did was on their own initiative. If it can be proved that the prison workers were under orders, then there should be an inquiry into who issued the order, etc. But it’s silly to impune Rumsfeld’s status and position on the grounds of some stray behavior among the 500,000 or so members of the armed forces. I recall several incidents where horrible things were done by soldiers in Japan fairly recently, but no one said that the secretary of defense should get the axe. Ridiculous.