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Well I’m not sure whether to ban ABC in my home or just this program. We happened to be watching it- not sure why. Maybe that’s the problem. Anyway, it was featuring Ozzy Osbourne, a person I have no respect for or interest in. Out of nowhere they ran a tape of his wife essentially exposing herself. I was horrified. They could have at least had a little note that it was going to only be appropriate for porn addicts. Then to top it off, their story coming up was about Sex in the City, and had a bunch of shorts from that series that I don’t feel are appropriate for network television. I won’t be watching ABC or Primetime anymore. And neither will anyone in my home. I’ve e-mailed ABC News, ABC, and the FCC to lodge my complaint.

Update (March 9, 2004): I’ve received an e-mail from ABC since complaining that they are passing on my comments to the show’s producer. I also got one from the FCC to whom I reported this. They sent me the forms and information on filing a formal complaint that they will investigate and possibly prosecute (or fine). I’m going to do it.