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My day job sent me to MAX 2003 two weeks ago, so here’s a brief report. It was pretty cool. I haven’t ever been to any tech conference. We got little bags, good food, a light sweater, and it was here in Salt Lake, so I just had normal work days. I was really impressed with Macromedia’s product line. Yes, it’s closed source. That means less and less I think. The driving force for business adoption of Linux is that products play nicely together. I was stunned to see and learn that you can actually code Flash entirely in ActionScript. Completely. Very neat. But the Flash authoring tool is pretty slick. Not to mention FLEX, which is an xml driven, server-side presentation tier that can sit on top of Java servers. No word yet on pricing, but IBM engineers have a pretty slick plugin for Eclipse in the works. Their bottom line was that people should not have to switch tools to use FLEX. I was really impressed. Yes, Macromedia makes proprietary products, but they play well with others. And my copy of Flash MX works flawlessly in the latest CrossoverOffice. ;)