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I need to catch up with my blog entries. A lot’s been going on. Nearly three weeks ago, I attended a seminar in Salt Lake City (20 minutes down the road) on Novell Linux initiatives. One of the first things I noticed was the Novell speaker’s use of the word choice in nearly every other sentence. Instead of saying “you have to buy our whole infrastructure stack” he said “buy what you need.” If I only want to buy directory services, I don’t have to get GroupWise. It was nice to hear. That said, of course it would probably be simpler to buy their whole stack for simplicity of deployment. I heard about iFolder, a cvs-type method of backing up user’s data and syncing anywhere, iPrint, a centralized print system, GroupWise, eDirectory, etc. Very cool products. And they are on track to have their whole stack runnable on Linux sometime next year. But the coolest thing was how I see them really leveraging the Ximian and SuSE acquisitions. Evolution 2.0 (q1-q2 2004) will natively be able to hook to GroupWise. Ximian’s Nautilus version will hook to iFolder natively and iPrint will somehow be available in there. I am guessing that it will also have built in hooks to authenticate to eDirectory. And Ximian will be the default GNOME implementation in SuSE at some point in the future. What that means is that a company could cobble together a Linux infrastructure with SuSE desktops and as things get more complex or they have a bigger budget, they pay for some Novell software and suddenly everything’s integrated. Possibly without installing a single thing, all those machines could authenticate, print, have file access, and have GroupWise access with very minimal changes. Awesome plan. I think it’s really going to work out. To those that say SuSE has sold out, I say to you: whatever. I predict that the things that make SuSE desirable will be maintained but more long-term bonuses for businesses will be added in that makes it a compelling value.