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I was just thinking today about the way things are going. The internet is becoming more and more regulated. At some point we may even see government-enforced website licenses. So I predict that something new will emerge. I call it ‘the subnet’. It would be functionally equivalent to the Internet in respect to protocols, etc. Either a neutral country or just a bunch of average people would set up subnet root servers all over the globe. New top-level domains would be created. The proceeds for domain registration would fund root server maintenance as well as new ones. With a simple patch or modified web browser, you would be able to browse the Subnet, where anyone could post and have a website. It could probably happen tomorrow, if techies decided it was necessary. The U.S. goverment, a government that I should say I respect and love, is trying to make the genie go back in the bottle. Perhaps those that have not seen the ‘magic’ of the internet don’t care or just don’t understand, but techies cannot let something so cool go away. Right now, government policies are moving towards a point that normal, good-guy techies are pushed into the same corner as the evil-techies. We’re not the evil ones, but our dreams get taken away. But it is too late. The net is here. If it goes away, the subnet will be even better.