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I do want to clarify some of my feelings about Microsoft. I do not hate Bill Gates or anyone else at Microsoft. I think that Mr. Gates especially is a marketing genius. And I cannot fault anyone for trying to make their business really dominate their space, although it is wrong. My point of view is framed not only with my experience in Microsoft products but also, specifically, the TNT movie Pirates of Silicon Valley and the book How the Web Was Won. Especially the book highlights the drive of Microsoft to dominate, but you really get to see that they try to make things the best they can. They’ve done a lot for the personal computing industry. I do not hate them. But I do think that Microsoft has illegal sought to extend and maintain monopoly power and I reiterate that they were found guilty, even if the “remedy” was ridiculous.

I will try, though to accentuate the positive and make this site a place where people can find out why Linux is good instead of why Microsoft is bad.